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At Credo Capital Management, we believe in revolutionizing asset management – making it not only more valuable but also more accessible to private lenders and investors. Since our inception in 2007, our mission has been unwavering: to align with the vision of our clients and empower them to achieve their
financial goals.

Unlike traditional asset managers, we prioritize client satisfaction. In fact, its at the core of our philosophy. We recognize that its often an overlooked aspect of asset management, and we see this as an opportunity for positive change. We are thrilled to simplify the world of asset management and loan servicing, making it accessible to everyone.

Founded as an asset management company in 2007, Credo has been entrusted by Mid Atlantic as their key partner. We work closely with The Sponsor, managing the day-to-day operations of The Fund while diligently following their vision and growth strategy.

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Credo Capital Secured Income Fund’s investment objective is to provide a high level of current income to it’s unit holders. However, our #1 priority is preservation of investor capital. 

Choose Credo Capital Management for asset management and loan servicing that’s driven by a
commitment to your success. Join us in simplifying your financial journey.

*Your Peace of Mind, Our Passion.*

Real Estate Construction

We lend to builders, licensed contractors, and other real estate experts for new construction, expansion, and renovation projects.


We make commercial loans to businesses on both residential and small commercial properties so the owner may improve it value and sell to the end user.

Land Acqusition

We also offer capital for developers to acquire and complete early state development on single and multi-lot residential development projects.

Development Lending

We will hold the note until vertical construction is ready to begin and either convert it to a construction loan or allow another lender to take the project forward.

Bridge Loans

If secured properly we are able to provide bridge financing for just about any reason. Real Estate development is a capital intensive business.

Business Capital Receivables

Many businesses have contracts, invoices, or receivables that promise future payment for goods, services, or costs that are incurred today.

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